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All-In-One Food Ordering Platform - Powered by AI Technology

Maximize your orders with a cost-effective marketing and online ordering
system for restaurants
Everything Doordash/Chownow/Toast offer + Much More
for Lower Costs
Sign up Today for $100 of Marketing Credit to Advertise Your Restaurant!

How Do We Compare?

Every $1 you Spend in Marketing Generates $25 of Sales - 6x more Cost Effective than DoorDash and Competitors (Real Data)

Restaurants see an average 34% increase in revenue 3 months after becoming a part of the Lokobee family!


Drive sales with CashBack Promotions

  • Triple your orders with half the marketing costs using Lokobee-Exclusive CashBack Promotions

  • You and your customer earn CashBack Rewards that you can redeem for dollars or hold to sell on the MaxCashBack.AI advertising platform

  • Get $100 of free Ad Credit when you sign up today

Start An Online Ordering Restaurant

Get a cloud-based online ordering system tailored to the specific ordering needs of your restaurant and start getting orders in no time.

  • Commission-free orders online.

  • Delivery up to 10 miles.

  • Get 24/7 support from your Account Manager.

  • Robust support for complex dishes (pizza, sandwiches, etc.)

Power Up Your Marketing with LAIRA

The first-of-its-kind AI marketing assistant that automates and personalizes your campaigns, skyrocketing your restaurant’s success.

  • Analyze customer behavior and past sales.

  • Develop strategies for effective execution.

  • Identify the ideal audience for targeted ads.

  • Automate your campaign's entire journey.

  • Removes the stress of planning, creation and execution.

Maximize Orders Using Marketing Tools

Create effective marketing campaigns that help you gain new customers and retain existing ones.

  • Generate automated marketing material

  • Customized Sidewalk Signs and more Branding Materials

  • Run CashBack Promotions (Lokobee - Exclusive).

  • SMS Marketing tool (get 30% more repeat business)

  • Digital Loyalty Program

Manage Your Restaurant Like A Pro

Manage anything and everything with a user-interactive system that helps you get end-to-end restaurant operations done in the blink of an eye.

  • Never miss a phone order with 24/7 Automated Phone line (do more with less staff)

  • Get customizable data analytics and insights on revenue 

  • Make adjustments to your menu and more from anywhere

  • Automatically generated, customizable website builder

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


$ 210,000 


Indian Grill.png

$ 183,000


Nawabs Kitchen.png

$ 280,000



$ 230,000 


Need an online ordering tool that ticks all the boxes?
Contact Lokobee for a demo today!

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