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Online Ordering, Delivery, and Marketing Services
Everything you need to boost orders with cost-effective marketing options and commission free online ordering

How Do We Compare?

Every $1 you Spend in Marketing Generates $25 of Sales - 6x more Cost Effective than DoorDash and Competitors (Real Data)

Restaurants see an average 34% increase in revenue 3 months after becoming a part of the Lokobee family!

Start An Online Ordering Restaurant

Get a cloud-based online ordering system tailored to the specific ordering needs of your restaurant and start getting orders in no time.

  • Commission-free orders online.

  • Delivery up to 10 miles.

  • Get 24/7 support from your Account Manager.

  • Robust support for complex dishes (pizza, sandwiches, etc.)

Increase Orders With our Custom Marketing Solutions

Our marketing specialists will work with you to automates and personalizes your campaigns, skyrocketing your restaurant’s success.

  • Analyze customer behavior and past sales.

  • Develop strategies for effective execution.

  • Identify the ideal audience for targeted ads.

  • Automate your campaign's entire journey.

  • Removes the stress of planning, creation and execution.

  • SEO, Website Creation, Social Media, etc

Maximize Orders Using Marketing Tools

Create effective marketing campaigns that help you gain new customers and retain existing ones.

  • Generate automated marketing material

  • Customized Sidewalk Signs and more Branding Materials

  • Run CashBack Promotions (Lokobee - Exclusive).

  • SMS Marketing tool (get 30% more repeat business)

  • Digital Loyalty Program

Manage Your Restaurant Like A Pro

Manage anything and everything with a user-interactive system that helps you get end-to-end restaurant operations done in the blink of an eye.

  • Never miss a phone order with 24/7 Automated Phone line (do more with less staff)

  • Get customizable data analytics and insights on revenue 

  • Make adjustments to your menu and more from anywhere

  • Automatically generated, customizable website builder

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


$ 210,000 


Indian Grill.png

$ 183,000


Nawabs Kitchen.png

$ 280,000



$ 230,000 


Need an online ordering tool or marketing solution that ticks all your boxes?
Contact Lokobee for a demo today!

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