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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does Lokobee online ordering cost ?
    A: Lokobee is a zero-commission service. Early Adopters of Lokobee would save immensely as compared to other online platforms. If you enroll now, you will be Locked in with these lucrative terms. None of the costs or expenses are hidden. ● Zero Fee & Zero Commission on any Transactions ○ Big Three Online Ordering Apps often charge Restaurants upwards of 15% for Pickup, and 35% for Delivery ● We use secure & reliable online payment system by Stripe for all online transactions ○ Similar to any credit card processing, Stripe currently charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction ● Zero Initial Setup cost for your restaurant ○ Lokobee will set up the restaurant based on the menu & pictures provided by the restaurant ○ Compare it to a few hundred dollars charged by other Online Ordering Systems ● Free State of Art Customer Loyalty Software ● Free Discount & Coupon Software ● Free Contact-Free Dining Supported Equipment Required for Restaurant: ● Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2020 or newer, minimum 8”) ○ At cost either bought by customer or Lokobee provided, Bigger Screen Sizes OK ○ Cost in range of 100$-140$ ● Epson TM-M30 Printer ○ Optional Item if you print receipt for Kitchen ○ Cost in Range of 250-300$ ○ Must have fully operational Ethernet Port
  • Q: How does Lokobee makes Revenue?
    A: Lokobee does not charge commission to restaurants, instead we generate small revenue from Service Fee (2.5%) charged to Customers.
  • Q: How can Lokobee save me money?
    A: Lokobee is a Zero Commission & Zero Fees service to Restaurants. As an example, if your Restaurant is doing $20,000 of Pickup each month, you can save $3000 in Commissions assuming typical 15% commission. This is direct benefit to you. Now let us look at other benefits: ● Lokobee platform is capable of sending discount coupons, Birthday & Anniversary special coupons to restaurant customers as direct advertisement, which will increase traffic to the restaurant. ● Lokobee’s integrated customer loyalty program is best in industry, running on autopilot, it ensures return visits by customers. Customer can share their Reward points with friends & family, introducing them to their favorite restaurant. This is one of the best method to get new customers and retain existing customers. ● Lokobee Contact Free Dining feature is not just for Hygiene and reducing spread of COVID-19 but also for making your operation more efficient while increasing customer satisfaction. ● We will be starting delivery as soon as a location has enough Restaurants, we will start cluster delivery, which is most efficient way, here also our approach would be to take minimal fee to cover up our infrastructure and development costs. ● There are many more features. Please connect with us for a demo or discussion.
  • Q: Does Lokobee support Delivery?
    Yes, Lokobee provides food delivery services to its partner restaurants allowing them to deliver food to their customers up to 10 miles. Along with this, we also support restaurant-owned delivery by providing all the logistic information to the restaurants and enabling them to operate food delivery on their own.
  • Q: Are there any cancellation fees?
    A: We have no cancellation fees. All we require is a restaurant with good reputation so that our customers get the best food and services. We believe once a Restaurant start using our software, they will grow their business and be with us.
  • Q: What are the delivery fees?
    A: Lokobee delivers up to 10 miles around restaurant with very nominal charges and no hidden fees.
  • Q: Are there any restrictions on the delivery area?
    A: Some restaurants may have delivery restrictions based on their location or the time of day. It's best to check the restaurant's page on the Lokobee website to see if there are any restrictions in customer's area.
  • Q: How does Lokobee Contact Free Dining works?
    A: Pre-Paid Contact Free Dining Service is fully supported in Lokobee system. When guest sits on the table, they scan a Table specific QR code that connects them to the Restaurant with all information. The guest uses Lokobee App for everything from creating & sending orders, including completing payment for the order. It also has easy to use support for various table services. The only thing waiter needs to do is to serve food, fulfill any requests from guest like water, extra utensils etc. these requests are sent by Lokobee App run by guest to the Restaurant order processing system or any mobile device waiter is carrying. Once the guest leaves the waiter needs to clean up the table and prepare for the next guest. This assures not only customer safety, hygiene but also provides superior services to customers, make your restaurant modern at no cost. A satisfied customer leaves better tips, makes return visits and increases revenue, in addition to this Restaurant can serve more guests without hiring a lot of servers. Automated prepayments are good for patio Dining too, as it eliminates situations in which Restaurant isn’t paid for food & services.
  • Q: Does Lokobee provides Marketing services?
    A: Lokobee can provide Marketing services like running Google, Facebook & Instagram Advertisements. In addition to this we can provide SEO services and have website for you too. We believe in providing these high-quality services at reasonable cost so that we can make restaurants grow business.
  • How can I use Lokobee's Automated Marketing tools for my CashBack Promotions?
    Lokobee's Automated Marketing tools enable you to send targeted Text Messages to your customers, promoting your CashBack Promotions and enticing them to visit your website for more deals and online ordering. By leveraging these tools, you can personalize your marketing messages and keep customers engaged, fostering loyalty and repeat business.
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