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Run Your Food Business, The Easiest Way!

A cloud-based restaurant management app that lets you control your menu, bills, kitchen and orders from anywhere.

Operate Your Restaurant with Ease

Manage online & in-restaurant orders, perform daily operations and get real-time business insights whether it’s a cloud kitchen or fine-dining restaurant.

  • Adjust Your Menu within Minutes

  • In-Depth Sales Data Analytics

  • Receive Omni-Channel Orders

  • Get Alerts for Incoming Orders

  • One App, Fits All Types of Food Businesses

Manage All Your Operations in One Place

Serve tables faster, manage more online orders and manage your marketing on a single screen.

  • Manage Orders and Service Requests on OPS

  • Send Order Tickets To Kitchen Staff

  • Notify Customers When Their Orders are Received

  • Delegate Tasks With Unique Employee Sign-Ins

  • Run and Oversee Promotions & Marketing

Have More Questions?

Level up your restaurant management with Lokobee’s Merchant Access Portal.

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